Yes, I Learned My Lesson

I got hacked. I was a little too trusting of my anonymity on the internet. I mean, who cares about my little old website, right?  And so, openly, I admit I didn’t give a gosh darn about my password or updating WordPress and so, consequently, I got hacked. Fudgesicle.

The joke, however, is on the hacker. The hacker’s attempt was to redirect as many people as they could to their website where the visiter can get malware downloaded into their computer. The malware is designed to capture key strokes and get your bank and credit card account passwords. The genius that is Google Chrome prevented the redirect. That’s not the “haha” moment I have though. The “haha” moment is that only spammers visit my site anyway.

Self-deprecating humor aside, I’m oddly happy this hack happened. This little old website, my vain attempt to keep as my very own domain–my stamp in the world–has gone through many changes as I figure out what I really want to write about.  It started as a general site, posting my school-assigned poems, my thoughts, then it morphed into a Yelp-like site. Of course, then I discovered Yelp. So I changed it again when I became engaged to a site where brides and grooms can get ideas on budget wedding planning. Not only did I not stick to said budget (thanks to change in fortune), I also was uninspired. Truth is, I don’t really know what inspires the writer out of me. The hacker, in their attempt at a get rich quick scheme, didn’t hurt me (and hopefully anyone else), they helped me. I have a fresh start. You know, it’s Spring and a fresh start sounds really good.

I embrace this fresh start but this time, I’m locking things down. I indeed learned a valuable lesson.


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