Years Later, I Still Remember This Song

The things I learned from and loved about Sesame Street have not only stuck with me but have been useful. I can count to ten in Spanish without batting an eyelash.I knew my alphabet and numbers in preschool without a struggle. I could even spell my name. No doubt Sesame Street has been educational but it’s the songs I remember the most. Below are a few skits that I love:

Sunny Day:

This song pops into my head at least once a week… most particularly when I’m in my shower:

Every time I see someone crunch into an apple and it’s raining outside, this song gets stuck in my head:

I thought this skit was very annoying. I’ve rewatched it just now and realize, it’s pretty cool. Sometimes things just need time:

I loved Oscar the Grouch so much I named my Cabbage Patch Kid “Oscar.”:

If you say “neighborhood,” this song comes into my head:

Ok. That’s all for now. Enjoy the flashbacks!

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