Wedding Shizniz

March 2013:

It’s been over six months since I got married. I am glad that it is done and over with. The wedding was spectacular but it went by so fast! The honeymoon was even better.

Just about nothing in the wedding went as planned. For starters, I got a chemical peel on my back that did not heal by the wedding. I was itchy, red and peeling in parts of my back. Sexy. I forgot things at home. Important things. If it weren’t for my wedding coordinator creatively coming up with solutions, the wedding might have been a disaster. For instance, my mom spent hours sewing together antique buttons that were going to be used in the place-card holders. I forgot those. Somehow, my wedding coordinator came up with the idea to use the card piece as name tags. Name tags at a wedding!?! So clever! By the way, my wedding coordinator was BreeAnn Gale of Pink Blossom Events.

The one major thing I didn’t plan for was exhaustion. We were dog tired and the wedding day ended two hours earlier than planned. My awesome DJ didn’t get to go all three hours. We paid it anyway but I felt bad that we didn’t get to dance.

The best part of the day is the end result. Not only did family have a great time, I married a great man. It’s a man who pointed out that former surgeon general C. Everett Koop has a doppleganger-thingie who is the founder of crematoriums because he remembers things like that.


Pre-hack, if you were to visit this website, you would have seen me drone on and on about wedding stuff but it wasn’t inspired. I don’t always feel like writing about my wedding. Sometimes I’m just plain sick of the topic. I haven’t watched Say Yes to the Dress in months! No, I’m not running a fever, Mom.

Anywho, I’ve learned some things from wedding planning that I think is helpful for the newly engaged.

1. Hire a wedding planner/day of coordinator (seriously!).

2. If you can, plan very early.

3. Budget realistically.

4. If you don’t have a stylist/make up artist, shop around pre-wedding by getting your hair done or a make up consultation.

5. Pick your battles.

Now it’s time for the breakdown. Cue En Vogue.

1. Hire a wedding planner/day of coordinator: This was the smartest thing I have ever done. Seriously. I hope she doesn’t mind me saying this but she allowed me to break down the cost in monthly payments (all paid up before the wedding). She still gets exactly what she quoted me and I get her. What does she do for me? She’s my day-of coordinator plus I have a couple of consultation meetings. If it weren’t for her I wouldn’t know who the good florists, caterers, cake bakers, venues and other vendors are. There are a lot of people everywhere and believe it or not, Yelp is not the most helpful. She gave me a lot of information that I’ve turned to multiple times to figure out the logistics. What she’ll do is make sure everything is set up, the vendors are in their right place, and that everything is taken down accordingly. I haven’t even had my wedding yet but she’s still taken a lot of stress off my back. Plus, my bridesmaids and family don’t have to do a thing on the wedding day! Who is my super awesome A-Type personality wedding coordinator? She’s BreeAnn Gale of Pink Blossom Events.

2.If you can, plan very early. This is especially true for wedding season weddings. First, when I booked my venue, I was told the price would be going up but since I booked early, I could keep the older price. Second, because my wedding is on Labor Day weekend, I knew it would be popular so by booking everything early, I could have my picks. Finally, because last minute planning is super stressful and I didn’t want to settle for my wedding.

3. Speaking of settling, when you budget your wedding, remember to be realistic. I budgeted 10 grand for my wedding. Did I stick to that? No. Why? The biggest reason for this is that the cost of food went way up since my sister’s wedding. Instead of 18 dollars per person for catering, just a simple good meal cost 26! If you wanted to do finger food and wine, it might be cheaper but I wanted to feed people. You also have to know what things you absolutely want and what you can do without. I really wanted a coffee bar but I’m going to do without because it just pushes us that much more over budget and we have the honeymoon to start saving for.

4. If you haven’t got a stylist or a make up consultant, start looking for one asap! I’m lucky to have found a stylist already because a good family friend also happens to be a hair stylist. Billy the owner of The Velvet Rope Hair Studio has been doing my hair for years. I had my stylist figured out but the make up artist, I didn’t. Well, sorta. I decided my sister would do my make up but we needed to talk to someone who knows and sells make up. At first, I thought I’d have a make up consultation at Gene Juarez but then I met the most awesome Mary Kay lady who really knows her stuff. Seriously, I just told her I was rosy toned and she found the perfect colors just on that knowledge (this was for a Mary Kay party which was a lot of fun). I’m using her and the best part, she’s free and she travels!

5. Picking your battles. Look. Don’t be a bridezilla. It’s trashy, ugly, and not worth the stress. Those girls on Bridezillas are fools and you don’t have to be that way. Sometimes, things aren’t going to go your way. Sometimes, your bridesmaids can’t make it to something or their talents don’t lie in certain things. It might be “your day” but it’s their lives and you’re kidding yourself if you think they’re going to put you first. Ok. I’m done ranting. Just learn that not everything happens the way you want it to and if you go with the flow, you might find it worked out for the better.

This is all the advice I can think of right now. I can’t wait to post more about the actual wedding. I still have several months left though!


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