I Humbly Submit My Dish for “Worst Cooks in America,” Sir.

When the fiance asked me if I knew how to make beef stew this morning, I lied. I have never made beef stew in my life. That’s always been my mama’s job. So tonight, I am making beef stew for the first time in my life.

I started by trimming and cubing beef of some sort. I have no idea what cut it is. It’s a chunk of something. Then, I seared it over high heat in butter (butter is delicious!) til all the sides have browned nicely. The cubed beef are large so they did not cook inside. I should mention this all happened in an cast iron dutch oven because that’s pretty much the only thing one should use when making beef stew… unless using a slow cooker.

Because I’m mindless sometimes and didn’t think to cut veggies before cutting the meat, I had to sanitize all things and then cut the veggies. All of our veggies were getting close to going bad or so I thought. Win! It turns out that the fridge had managed to freeze all veggies. Note, it is very weird peeling a frozen carrot. Also note, green onions don’t fare well frozen. Also not sure green onions should go in beef stew given their size but in they went. As a matter of fact, in went all the fresh veggies we had because they were all starting to go bad. I’m sure I made it sound like a cornucopia of veggies but it was really only tomato and onion after that.

Remember how I told you I’ve never made beef stew? Well, that would mean I’ve never seasoned beef stew either. So. Remembering how mustard seed is delicious corned beef*, I added some. Well, I added quite a lot because there’s no shaker lid on the mustard seed bottle. Then, I added various other herbs**. Oh and I added garlic powder (peeling fresh garlic is pain) and salt. I just now realized I forgot pepper but that can be added at any time.

Lastly, I added water for steam and it’s now slowly cooking in the oven at 350 degrees (fahrenheit, not celsius, that would be too hot). I’m either going to make something delicious or make myself a candidate for Worst Cooks of America.


*corned beef stew sounds delicious! must put in mind for later dinners

**note to self: out of marjoram

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