About Me

What should I tell you? I remember my childhood vividly and can sing most any song I learned back then. I’m terrible at geography even though I’m a navy brat. Most things I write and submit are first drafts. I really want to go to Botswana and meet the fictitious character, Mma Ramotswe. Oh, and I happen to be getting married this September.

Not enough? Well, since you insist…

I’ve lived all around the United States but, the good ole Pacific Northwest is most definitely my home. My second favorite place to live was on Andrews AFB right next to Washington DC. It takes second place because it’s not the Pacific Northwest. I’m waiting for Pemco to come up with my NorthWest Type. My brother in law is a bone-fide socks and sandals guy.

The benefits of being an aunt are that I can spoil and then give back to mama.

To be continued…


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